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With security a primary focus for organizations today, sometimes processes can get in the way and hinder daily business functions. Safehand’s easy-to-use Visitor Management application gives companies the highest level of security needed while simplifying the visitor check in process. Register, Scan, Check-in, and Monitor visitors in one simply tool providing an all-encompassing database.

Working with top defense contractors and technology firms around the world we’ve designed a solution that is geared towards fulfilling the strictest compliancy requirements. With options and reporting far advanced from traditional Visitor Management solutions we are able to provide complete audit trails with information over the life cycle of an ID, visits, and related information.

Our web-based application provides worldwide access with real-time collaboration for data entry, review, approval and denial. The user friendly design allows users the ability to seamlessly flow through the process of being registered, approved, and checked in.

Email alerts and easy access to pending and retired documents provide a simple solution for administrators and approvers to find all requirements in a single window. With elaborate file storage we provide flexible parameters to search and extract information.

The self-check-in Kiosk and Badge Printing feature gives organizations the ability to have a front desk option without the need for additional space and resources simplifying the Lobby Management process. By integrating with existing access control and security systems we also provide the ability to track employee and visitor movements, attendance, and visit details.

By incorporating additional features such as our Watch List Screening and Biometric Identification solutions, we further ensure the security and compliance of our customer’s facilities. To learn more please contact us at info@safehand.com or provide your contact information below for a personalized demo.

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